Program Description

  • This patcher creates a 2-voice canon at the octave. The tempo is 120 b.p.m. and the constant pulse is 1/8 notes (= 500 ms.). Pitches are selected randomly from a diatonic scale on C4, which is specified as using the following 8 messages: 60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 69, 71, 72. The current pitch is displayed in a number box and is then sent over (s pitch) to the makenote object’s left inlet. The arguments to makenote are: Velocity = 90; Duration = 2000 ms. Because the makenote duration (2000) is 4 times greater than the pulse duration (500), notes events overlap in 4-note groupings to create a sense of harmony. To create Voice 2, the pipe object delays each Voice 1 pitch by 1 sec. (1000 ms.), transposes it one octave (see + 12), and then sends it to make note. The pitches of each voice are displayed on two sliders.

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Updated: 9/21/22