Program Description

  • This program generates random pitches within specified ranges (see Offsets). What is more, the the instrument may be set to any one of the 128 instruments in the GM 1 sound bank via the umenu object. (Notice that the menu adds an offset of 1 to each instrument number. See if you can figure out how it does that). The pgmout object implements a MIDI program change command on channel 1. The incoming number set the instrument.

New Objects

Object Reference

MIDI Specifications

  • The MIDI Association
  • The GM 1 Sound Set 
  • Max’s Built-in General MIDI Synthesizers {Cycling ’74}
    • Mac OS: Apple Audio Unit DLS (Down-Loadable-Sounds) synthesizer
    • Windows: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer

Updated: 9/17/22