Figure 1. Locked patcher

Program Description

  • This simple computer-assisted instruction (CAI) program provides a basic playground for exploring two-voice cross rhythms on the default General MIDI Drum Kit.
  • The cross rhythm ratio m:n (read “m against n“) is entered via two menus
  • m is played by Voice 1, and n is played by Voice 2.
  • Voices 1 and 2 may be turned on/off so it is possible to hear the individual rhythmic streams.
  • To reduce visual clutter, the initialization messages (loadmess), sendreceive messages, and key objects that implement playback via the space bar have been hidden from the user using Max’s Object > Hide on Lock feature. The complete patcher is shown in Figure 2 (below).
  • Here are step-by-step instructions for using the app:
    • 1. Set the tempo in beats per minute.
    • 2. Set the ratio m:n, where m and n may vary from 1 to 24, inclusive.
    • 3. Press the Start/Stop toggle, or space bar, to start and stop playback.
Figure 2. Unlocked patcher


Updated: 10/24/23